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Welcome to the International Society of Pelvic Surgeons

Est. in 2020 with the purpose of creating a global academic and research community specializing in the treatment of pelvic and acetabular Trauma.

The primary goal of ISoPS is to integrate and coordinate the fragmented efforts of pelvic and acetabular surgeons around the world into a single organization and community that will ultimately improve patient care.

Share ideas, thoughts, questions or comments with fellow pelvic surgeons around the world.

Want to read interesting, hard or complicated cases?

See forum

One of the primary aims of the ISoPS is to connect like-minded orthopedic surgeons with an interest in advancing care for patients with pelvic and acetabular trauma. Opportunities for individual involvement can be at many levels: suggesting a new study idea, being involved with protocol development and study design, manuscript preparation and publication, or simply contributing patients to studies of interest. It is hoped that by having a large group of international surgeons from many institutions, that large,

well-designed studies can be

performed to answer problematic

issues pertaining to treatment and management of complex

and controversial injuries.


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